My Love

I love you when I breathe, I love you when I sleep,

I love you each time my heart beats,

But I agree with my entire mistake,

Overstepping some boundaries

Made my love to be a fake,

I know it had hurt you so very much,

But believe me my baby,

I don’t have any intention as such.

I never meant to hurt you,

Neither did I intend to give you any pain,

But it was the situation that played all the game.

I am really sorry for the mistakes I have done,

Regretting each moment

And want to go back to get it undone,

I had paid for my deeds, so you had for yours,

Then why is it like this now that

I am standing outside your heart’s door.

You called me a liar, called me a cheater

And said that you don’t care,

But all the while my love for you is still there.

I really did cared for you,

And want you back in my life,

But as the situation I had created,

It’s better to break for a while.

I keep on saying sorry for my deed,

And that’s the reason it is so hard for you to forgive

I owe my complete life to you,

I will always be in love with you,

And can’t see any more tear drop in your eye,

For that my sweetie I am saying you GoodBye.

© Pinaki Dasgupta


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