2010-Year of gAiN & LoSs

The year 2010 has become a very crucial year of my Life. This year will be ever remembered by me. This year I gained a lot of things but lost more than that. The year was started with the loss of my only TRUE Friend. This year I also visited with friends to a lot of places in India making a remarkable memory. I passed out from the hell, my graduating college, this year only. In the meanwhile I also lost my caring and nice friend. Then I became startled by my admission in Master’s of Applied Mathematics at National Institute of Technology.  My Life took a new turn up here very uniquely. Here during august I met with severe accident and was saved by life by breaking my lower jaw.  Here at NIT, I founded a lot of caring and nice friend but then latter came to know about the astonishing reality of some of those. Here my mental pressure also gained to high pitch, because of things I have to do unwillingly. But here of course I got an opportunity to expose my talent out. By the end of a year I lost all my new friends due to some conspiracy. But the end of the year became very very special as I got a hope to change  my very long cherished dream of having my own PC to reality. At the end with the Mix ups of a lot of joy and sorrow, I learned many things and enjoyed the every tear of sorrow and every smile of joy. Thanks a lot to those all who stand by my side, giving me the surety of care and to all those also who left me alone, teaching the lesson to face every challenge alone. Any way HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011


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