Nature of a Creature

Once a holy saint was passing by the lakeside. There he saw a crab drowning in the lake. He thought of saving that crab’s life and went to the creature to save it. To save that crab he search for any material like a stick etc., but he did not find anything. So, to save the crab, he thought to take the crab out of the water by his hand. He put his hand into the water and hold it in his palm. As soon as the saint brings the crab out of the water it bite in the palm of the saint, by the pain of his biting the saint shivered up and by the jerking the crab fell into the lake again. Again the saint puts his hand and bring the crab out of the water and again the crab bite in his palm and again it fell into the water. This scene happened many times again and again. A man was watching the whole scenario silently, he then asked the saint that why is he saving the life of that foolish crab, who is biting him as many times as he was saving it. The saint politely replied that, “It is the nature of the crab to bite so he is bounded by his nature and biting me, but my nature is to save life so am I doing. If the crab cannot change his nature then why should I.” Finally, the saint became successful in bring the crab out of the water, but he was wounded very badly.



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