True Love

‘LOVE’ this word brings many thoughts to our mind. But how many of us know about true love? So, now I am going to tell you a true love story-
There was a blind girl, very beautiful like a fairy of heaven, but God has not given her a thing that was her eye, she was blind. A boy of her state loves her very much, he proposed to her and she accepts him. But she told him that she is blind, she could not see the world. And, so she doesn’t want to ruin his life. The boy became very upset, and so he decided to give her vision anyway. He consulted a doctor and they told him that she could see the world with an eye transplant, so they need eyes. Everything was going alright, the girl gets her eye transplanted, and now she could see the world. Then, the boy came to her with red rose, but what the girl sees is that the boy is also blind. By this the girl changed, and she says that see could not remain happy with a blind person, so she will not marry him. The boy says that “Okay, if you are not happy with me then no problem, but please take care of my eyes. So readers now you can know what is a TRUE LOVE. So Love from your Heart and not from your Brain.