A Prayer to the Creator

O, the maker of this world,

I pray you in a free word,

you have made this world to preach love and peace,

But the foes of love and peace have drawn line on it,

They divide the land and made borders on it,

And now they fight for a single land piece,

These stupid people have done a great error,

Please forgive them O our mighty creator,

But, we the coming generation,

Assure you to protect your creation.

© Pinaki Dasgupta


What is Life?

There is no income in life (means no Gain and no Loss). We all have come to this world empty hand and will go empty hand. So give as much as you can to the world. Life is like motorbikes which don’t have a reverse gear…

Only mirrors of memories to look into the past…..

So forget about the past and start a new life in which u live the LIFE at its full and enjoy every moment of it.