My Love

I love you when I breathe, I love you when I sleep,

I love you each time my heart beats,

But I agree with my entire mistake,

Overstepping some boundaries

Made my love to be a fake,

I know it had hurt you so very much,

But believe me my baby,

I don’t have any intention as such.

I never meant to hurt you,

Neither did I intend to give you any pain,

But it was the situation that played all the game.

I am really sorry for the mistakes I have done,

Regretting each moment

And want to go back to get it undone,

I had paid for my deeds, so you had for yours,

Then why is it like this now that

I am standing outside your heart’s door.

You called me a liar, called me a cheater

And said that you don’t care,

But all the while my love for you is still there.

I really did cared for you,

And want you back in my life,

But as the situation I had created,

It’s better to break for a while.

I keep on saying sorry for my deed,

And that’s the reason it is so hard for you to forgive

I owe my complete life to you,

I will always be in love with you,

And can’t see any more tear drop in your eye,

For that my sweetie I am saying you GoodBye.

© Pinaki Dasgupta


2010-Year of gAiN & LoSs

The year 2010 has become a very crucial year of my Life. This year will be ever remembered by me. This year I gained a lot of things but lost more than that. The year was started with the loss of my only TRUE Friend. This year I also visited with friends to a lot of places in India making a remarkable memory. I passed out from the hell, my graduating college, this year only. In the meanwhile I also lost my caring and nice friend. Then I became startled by my admission in Master’s of Applied Mathematics at National Institute of Technology.  My Life took a new turn up here very uniquely. Here during august I met with severe accident and was saved by life by breaking my lower jaw.  Here at NIT, I founded a lot of caring and nice friend but then latter came to know about the astonishing reality of some of those. Here my mental pressure also gained to high pitch, because of things I have to do unwillingly. But here of course I got an opportunity to expose my talent out. By the end of a year I lost all my new friends due to some conspiracy. But the end of the year became very very special as I got a hope to change  my very long cherished dream of having my own PC to reality. At the end with the Mix ups of a lot of joy and sorrow, I learned many things and enjoyed the every tear of sorrow and every smile of joy. Thanks a lot to those all who stand by my side, giving me the surety of care and to all those also who left me alone, teaching the lesson to face every challenge alone. Any way HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011

Nature of a Creature

Once a holy saint was passing by the lakeside. There he saw a crab drowning in the lake. He thought of saving that crab’s life and went to the creature to save it. To save that crab he search for any material like a stick etc., but he did not find anything. So, to save the crab, he thought to take the crab out of the water by his hand. He put his hand into the water and hold it in his palm. As soon as the saint brings the crab out of the water it bite in the palm of the saint, by the pain of his biting the saint shivered up and by the jerking the crab fell into the lake again. Again the saint puts his hand and bring the crab out of the water and again the crab bite in his palm and again it fell into the water. This scene happened many times again and again. A man was watching the whole scenario silently, he then asked the saint that why is he saving the life of that foolish crab, who is biting him as many times as he was saving it. The saint politely replied that, “It is the nature of the crab to bite so he is bounded by his nature and biting me, but my nature is to save life so am I doing. If the crab cannot change his nature then why should I.” Finally, the saint became successful in bring the crab out of the water, but he was wounded very badly.


Income Of Life

Only mirrors of memories are there to look into the past…..
So, forget about the past and start a new life in which you live for others more than for own self. There is no income in life(means no Gain and no Loss).We all have came into this world empty hand and will go empty handed. So give as much as you can in this world.

About Heaven & Hell

A holy man was having a conversation with the Lord one day & said ‘Lord, I would like to know what Heaven & Hell are like.’ The Lord led the holy man to two doors.
He opened one of the doors & the holy man looked in. In the middle of the room was a large round table. In the middle of the table was a large pot of stew, which smelled delicious & made the holy man’s mouth water.The people sitting around the table were thin & sickly. They appeared to be famished.They were holding spoons with very long handles that were strapped to their arms & each found it possible to reach into the pot of stew & take a spoonful.But because the handle was longer than their arms, they could not get the spoons back into their mouths.The holy man shuddered at the sight of their misery & suffering.The Lord said, ‘You have seen Hell.’

They went to the next room & opened the door.It was exactly the same as the first one.There was the large round table with the large  pot of stew which made the holy man’s mouth water.The people were equipped with the same long-handled spoons, but here the  people were well nourished & plump, laughing & talking.
The holy man said, ‘I don’t understand.”It is simple,’ said the Lord. ‘It requires but one skill. You see, they have learned to feed each  other, while the greedy think only of themselves.’

True Love

‘LOVE’ this word brings many thoughts to our mind. But how many of us know about true love? So, now I am going to tell you a true love story-
There was a blind girl, very beautiful like a fairy of heaven, but God has not given her a thing that was her eye, she was blind. A boy of her state loves her very much, he proposed to her and she accepts him. But she told him that she is blind, she could not see the world. And, so she doesn’t want to ruin his life. The boy became very upset, and so he decided to give her vision anyway. He consulted a doctor and they told him that she could see the world with an eye transplant, so they need eyes. Everything was going alright, the girl gets her eye transplanted, and now she could see the world. Then, the boy came to her with red rose, but what the girl sees is that the boy is also blind. By this the girl changed, and she says that see could not remain happy with a blind person, so she will not marry him. The boy says that “Okay, if you are not happy with me then no problem, but please take care of my eyes. So readers now you can know what is a TRUE LOVE. So Love from your Heart and not from your Brain.


It’s ME

No one is Mine,

May be I am not Fine,

No one Cares for Me,

No one has Tears for Me,

If I ever Cry,

No one asks Why?

And if I will ever Die

No one will Cry,

No one says Take Care,

Every one says I Don’t Care,

When I need Someone for  Myself,

I had No one There,

I Don’t know Why?

May be Talking to Me Feel them Shy,

No one in Mine,

May be I am not Fine.